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Our kale has proven to be the most resilant crop we planted this year.   Our recent freeze finished off the last of the other vegetables still in the ground, which only consisted of lettuce, chard and one, rather ugly artichoke.  The lettuce had long ago stopped being of use to us since it was quite bitter, but neither Dan nor I had bothered to pull it up so it remained in the garden surrounded by the burlap which covered the rest of the bed.  With the frost it became slimy and unsightly enough to motivate Dan to pull it out for the chickens.  The kale wilted for a day or two and popped right back to life after warmer temperatures returned.  We’re now in the midst of a stand off about what to do next.  Dan thinks we should move it to the backyard in the hoop house to give it a warmer, frost free environment.  I say leave well enough alone.  We’ll see who wins this one.  In the meantime we’re enjoying what little bounty we can from our garden and using up the fruits of my canning labor over the summer.

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