Staying Power

We planted beets right before our big family vacation last June, and they straggled and struggled along all summer. I never got around to using them in the fall, and actively began ignoring them come winter. They survived some significant week-long freezes, and a couple good snows to boot.

I finally decided to pull them up and see if there was anything worth saving, and it turns out that beets are pretty darn tough in the ground. We cooked up a batch of golden beets for a salad a few weeks ago, and today I pulled out the fancy candy-cane striped Chioggos to roast for Robbie’s 3rd birthday party. After paring off the gnarly skin from the tops, they look as good as new.


  • I haven’t tried growing either of those varieties yet, although I’ve been considering it. Should I?

    Comment | March 18, 2011
  • dan

    They are both slightly more mild than the standard red beets, with the added benefit of not contaminating everything they touch (including your hands) — I’ve had a lot of pink dishes due to the inclusion of beets as an ingredient.

    I really like the Chioggo beets, but the red stripes do fade quite a bit when you cook them, so some of the effect is lost.

    For flavor, they are both excellent — like I said, more mild, with a nice sweetness, and without that sharp bite that beets can have.

    Comment | March 18, 2011

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