Missing chickens Part II

I was expecting to get to write a bunch of light-hearted posts about canning and our cider pressing party and making sauerkraut and all the other things we’re up to, since, as Alicia says so well, we like to pretend we’re farmers. The parts of farming that we don’t really do are all the hard parts. We don’t rely on any of this stuff, it’s more like a hobby or entertainment.

But, this morning I looked outside and wondered if the chickens were cold; I certainly was inside the house. I didn’t see anything so I went out to look. It’s hard to describe the feeling: the chickens were gone and there were grey feathers all over the place. It was like I got punched in the stomach. Was it a racoon? I’ve heard they would do something like this.

After looking around the yard and walking around the block, I don’t know much. I am almost positive that Gray Chicken is gone, but I don’t see many brown feathers, so Brown Chicken might have escaped and found a place to hide. Holding out hope that she’s around somewhere, but for now I just feel pretty bummed.

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